Heeeeellllllllllllllooooooooooooo, Internet!

In less than 24 hours, I’ll be leaving the sweet hamlet of Portland, OR to spend two weeks in an isolated cabin somewhere on this heap:

The purpose is to get some long overdue recording so that when I get back I can update this blarg with demo tracks of some new music. I’ll be without internet distraction and hellbent on getting things done.

Wish me luck!





The Portland Summer has distracted me from music, but there should be many more updates and new music starting in October. I swear!
xo, over


For the two people that read this thing, good news! I’ve been working with a drummer for the past month or so and will continue doing so. Eventually this will lead to live shows, but don’t keep holding your breath.

In Other News, I’m in the middle of recording some demo tracks and those will be posted when I get them done, but these will probably be just instrumentals with no lyrics. I have to give you something new when the “album” comes out.  So look for that in the coming weeks.

Okay that’s all,  over

Stepping Boldly into the Information Age

With the recent purchase of a “smart phone” I have addressed the issue of Twitter and now have an account. “@overcreston,” follow if you dare for musings that really don’t matter……you’ve been warned.

xo, over