Execute the Perishing of Thought

I shirk in trying to divine my influences, but I can you those that have inspired me; a bunch of personal friends that you’ll never know. I’m the type of musician that will play until the end of life because we have no other option. I do it because I love it, and I don’t have to make any money doing it because much like wearing clothes everyday it’s just something I do. But I should provide more information for you:

  1. Born and raised in Portland, OR
  2. Yes I wear contacts but they don’t effect the color of my eyes.
  3. I’m left-handed but play right-handed guitar. (When I started playing guitar it only made sense to have the “smart” hand handle the notes and the “dumb” hand move up and down.)
  4. Never really trained to play music due to this country’s awesome concern for funding the arts. Mostly self-taught.
  5. Raised Catholic.
  6. Started on guitar and moved on from there to bass, piano and finally drums. Next up the ukulele and banjo.
  7. Only boy surrounded by two sisters, which is my excuse for being so “emo.”
  8.  Believe in working class stories and anything that promotes good will and respect towards your fellow man and woman.
  9. Yeah would like to form a band, just don’t know when or with whom.
  10. I have a side project that’s called “the mysterie play” and music will be released as it becomes available.

I’ll update this when I can generate more content….sometimes I’m at a loss on how to describe myself.


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