Countless of unmarked cassettes recorded during grade school, high school and college that won’t be catalogued unless the Library of Congress requests it.

3-Song Demonstration
1) Forget Today
2) Goodbye
3) Once and Awhile

Society Club
Bowling Bag
1) Whatcha Sayin’
2) Prescribe to Fiction
3) Phonograph
4) Your Introduction

The Rain Preservation Collective
Demo entitled And Nothing
1) Fast Forward
2) Window Shopping
3) Clouds Touch Earth
4) Saints go marchin’

…That Which Binds Us
the letters that you wrote me ep
1) For Her, a Track 11
2) The Year was 1932
3) Belmont Ave
4) NYE’s 1951

over creston
The Labor Day Kid ep
1) Oh, Emma
2) Novembre for Piano in D
3) For Her, a Track 11
4) Architecture of Graves


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